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Determine Your Strategic Priorities Using Data
At the end of the year, many distributor executives find that they’ve spent their time working “in” the business and not working “on” the business. Tasks and projects that are “urgent” crowd out the important strategic initiatives necessary to improve performance. 

A key reason for this pervasive problem is a data-free strategic planning process, where all ideas compete equally for priority. Meanwhile, sitting within your company’s data set lie the potential insights to radically improve its customer, financial and competitive outcomes.

As you navigate the year-end planning process, be sure to choose priorities based on what your data reveals. Join SPARXiQ CEO David Bauders for this webinar to learn:

• The four key profit levers of every distributor’s business
• What it’s worth to address gaps in each profit lever
• Data trends that identify where your company’s best opportunities are
• Specific actions to take to put the right strategies in place for 2022


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